Monday, July 11, 2011

Bottle gourd peel chutney

(The exact amount of the ingredients is not given as one can vary the amount of each as desired)
fresh grated coconut,
skin of bottle gourd, (when you make bottle gourd curry, peel the skin and use it in this recipe)
1 tsp peanut powder or shelled peanuts,
green chilies,
coriander leaves,
salt and sugar,
2 tsp lemon juice


1. Wash the peeled skin of bottle gourd. Fry in 1 tsp oil until crisp. Else, pressure cook until soft.

2. Grind together the bottle gourd skin, coconut, chilies, peanut powder, salt, sugar and coriander leaves.Add lemon juice and serve with snacks or even with chapati and rice.

Tip: Variation can be made in the following ways.
1. Replace lemon juice with tamarind or yogurt while grinding.
2. Add ginger and/or garlic.
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