Monday, July 11, 2011

Garlic chutney

Garlic chutney type 1

1 cup dry grated coconut,
4 big garlic cloves,
red chili powder (adjust the quantity as per your taste),
2 tsp white sesame seeds (optional),
1/2 tsp tamarind pulp (optional),
salt and a pinch of sugar to taste.


1. Toast grated coconut over medium heat until light brown and crisp. Avoid burning.

2. Also toast sesame seeds until golden. Now grind sesame seeds and garlic cloves together to form a coarse powder.

3. Mix the ground powder, coconut, chili powder, tamarind pulp, salt and sugar. Do not add water in it.

4. Crush the mixture using a mortar and pestle until all the ingredients are well blended. The mixture turns into a soft ball as coconut and sesame seeds release oil.

Garlic chutney is ready. Serve as an accompaniment with dal-rice or with any spicy snacks.
This chutney goes well with Maharashtrian bread bhakri or potato vadas.

Tips: You can add other ingredients such as cumin seeds, chana dalia or dry roasted peanuts.
Garlic chutney can be made in a food processor. Yet, chutney made using a mortar and pestle is more flavorful.

Garlic chutney type

1 1/2 cup dry coconut,
1/2 cup white sesame seeds,
10-15 small garlic cloves (peeled),
2 tsp peanut powder
1 small onion
chili powder (quantity as desired)
salt <>


1. Roast coconut till it turns red.

2. Roast white sesame seeds separately. Then roast garlic cloves in a tsp of oil till they become light red.

3. Now grind coconut, sesame seeds, garlic cloves, onion pieces, chili powder and salt.

4. Finally add peanut powder and mix well.

This chutney goes well with bhakri or potato vada.

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