Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Exotic Recipes(Turtle)

Southern Twice Fried Turtle

~ 1 medium sized soft shell turtle, cut into serving size pieces
~ 2 cups flour
~ 1 tbsp black pepper
~ 1 tsp salt
~ 1 tsp garlic salt
~ 1 tsp onion powder
~ 1 tsp paprika
~ oil

In a large bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients

Fill a large cast iron skillet half full of oil. Heat to 325 degrees.

Coat the turtle pieces in the flour mixture and place in the hot oil.

Once turtle is browned, reduce heat to medium. After the oil has cooled to a slow fry, remove skillet from heat and add 1 cup of water. BE CAREFUL!!! Remember to remove the skillet from the stove in case of boil over. Remember oil and water don't like to mix. USE CAUTION!

Return the skillet to the stove. Cover and cook until all of the water has cooked out.

Uncover and fry turtle until it starts to get crispy. Remove and drain.

Serve with your favorite side dishes such as gravy, grits and biscuits.
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